clarinet, bassoon and viola

arranged for brass quintet:

2 Tpt, Hn, Tbn, Tba


October 2013

Malden, MA


6 mins


November 2013 at 1260 Boylston St. Boston Conservatory


This piece first existed as a trio for viola, clarinet, and bassoon. I have a habit of rearranging it for various ensembles every couple of years or so. I had been inspired by the idea of reaching for clarity, an ideal of trying to find it, not necessarily the actual state, but the search. We spend so much time gearing ourselves towards performance, or creation, and of ideas. To finding that _____, that clarity of the idea shining through. I often get lost in the motion, and forget the big picture, forgetting to step back and see it all, and instead, focusing on a small corner. I intended this piece, at the time and in the revisions, to be a small, clear, and spacious place to inhabit,a place of focus. A simple font on white canvas.

Copyright David Vess, All Rights Reserved

BMI Affiliated Composer