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'Helvetica' Brass Quintet No. 2.png


Completion: July 2021, Foxborough, MA, USA

Instrumentation: trumpet in Bb, flugelhorn in Bb horn in F, trombone and tuba

Duration: 7 minutes approx.

Commission: Written during my studies at Boston Conservatory.

Premier: Premiered by the Bailey Street Brass Quintet with the composer at the Downtown Brockton Arts and Music Festival in Brockton, MA in October 2017.


I had been inspired by the idea of reaching for clarity, the idea of trying to find it, not necessarily the actual state, but the search. We spend so much time gearing ourselves towards performance, creation, and to ideas, to finding that ____, that clarity of an idea shining through. I often get lost in the motion, and forget the big picture, forgetting to step back and see

it all, and instead, I often chose to focus on just a small corner. I intended this piece to be a small, clear, spatious place to inhabit. A place of focus. A simple font on white canvas.

This piece was originally written for clarinet, bassoon and viola. 

Malden, MA -USA

October 2013

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