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'Dusk' Brass Quintet No. 3.png


Completion: January 2020, Foxborough, MA, USA

Instrumentation: 2 trumpets in Bb, horn in F, trombone and tuba

Duration: 7 minutes approx.

Commission: Written for Wayne King and the Brockton Symphony Orchestra Chamber Series

Premier: Premiered by the Bailey Street Brass Quintet with the composer at Christ Congregational church in Brockton, MA.


'Dusk' begins with a solo horn, which establishes an almost vocal-like melodic frame. Very simple stepwise motions, slow and at times trying to be triumphant. The horn solo leads us to a passage marked 'Somber Bell Tones' which features the odd sonority of muted trumpets and horn. From there the work picks up tempo with the feeling of defiance. Angry brass fanfares, and broken accompaniment. The main melody is stretched and emerges frequently, but never finds true resolution. The climax reaches a hopeful moment. But, the mournful theme appears again, in the solo tuba, juxtaposed by a return of the somber bell tones of the muted trumpets. The work slowly burns out like an ember, the horn returns to the exact pitch it started. The same, but transformed.

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