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scatter _ spark for brass quintet and piano.png


Completion: September 2015

Instrumentation: trumpet, flugelhorn, horn, trombone, tuba and piano

Duration: Indeterminate

Premier: Premiered by the Modern Brass Initiative at Boston Conservatory, Boston MA 09/22/2015


'scatter/spark' starts with a bang. And from there it becomes a completely different piece with each and every performance. Each instrument is given an individual part with repeated musical cells. Performers can choose to repeat cells as often as they would like. They can choose to skip cells. Once they move on from a cell they cannot go back. The work finds its way through memories of older works that I've adapted into this piece. They are fluid memories, different each and every time.

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I don't yet have a perusal score available for this work.

If you would like to view the full score, please reach out using the Contact Tab below.

Thanks for being interested in my work :)


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To purchase this work, please contact me directly.

I offer both physical scores and digital downloads.

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