Completion: January 2020, Foxborough, MA, USA

Instrumentation: 6 trumpets in Bb

Duration: 4 minutes approx.

Commission: Written for Dr. Spencer Aston for the 2020 New England Trumpet Day students.

Premier: Conducted by Marie Speziale and the BSU Trumpet Ensemble in Horace Mann Hall at Bridgewater State University on 3/1/20



Cometsong is a short fanfare for trumpet ensemble, written for Dr. Spencer Aston and the Bridgewater State University Trumpet Ensemble. The musical language is modal, with much of the music existing between two competing polarities: the Dorian mode, a darker sonority and the Lydian mode, the brightest mode. These two conflict modes fight against each other like two centers of gravity, each trying to pull the piece in its own direction. While the opening is rooted in the darker side, the brighter sonority ultimately prevails, sailing forth like a comet streaking across the night sky. 

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