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September 2022 Miami, FL, USA

String quartet

4' minutes approx.


This quartet was written very quickly and is the first piece I wrote after moving to Florida. While I love the eternal summer in Miami, there is something quite special about the quiet winter in the north, where I had just moved from. The quartet echoes some of the ideas of some of the music I wrote while living in New England, but it has all been transfixed, as if we are seeing it from the 4th dimension. The work builds to a bright and colorful climax, before quietly receding, back into the cold harsh winter.

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I don't yet have a recording available for this work.

Please follow my Social Media accounts for news on the release of a recording.

Reach out if you are interested in collaborating.

Thanks for being interested in my work :)

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To purchase this work, please contact me directly.

I offer both physical scores and digital downloads.

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