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April 2023 Miami, FL, USA

2222 4231 timp 2perc harp str

5' minutes approx.



Cloud formations are some of the most beautiful occurrences on our planet. Literally every moment in the sky is completely new and unique. "In My Cloud" is a short and colorful overture about this phenomenon. It is about the dance of light and shadow on the sky-canvas above us. The work begins like a flash of lightning. It is quite stormy, but the clouds change and allow the sun to shine. I love getting to play with blurry moments like this, like the bizarre skycap of a small opening of the sun with blue sky, surrounded by gray clouds. The work builds to a climax that brings all of the small motifs and themes all together in a rainbow burst of color. This section is entirely aleatoric, meaning that the conductor doesn't control the timing of the musicians. This means that every performance of this work will be completely different and unique, just like every day cloud formations. 

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I offer both physical scores and digital downloads.

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