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Completion: October 2019

Instrumentation: solo bass clarinet 1111 - 2210 timp perc pno strings

Duration:11' minutes approx.



'Livewire' is an infernal contraption for my friend David Angelo. The entire work is built on a short 5 note motif, first presented jaggedly as an additive passacaglia that abruptly opens the piece. The motif takes a more melodic form when it bursts forth in the brass. The bass clarinet soloist plays many roles, starting the piece like a great machine, waking from a thousand year slumber and then leaping into a twitchy, bouncy bass rhythm that recurs throughout the work. The soloist juggles many unusual techniques, from singing chant-like phrases in 5ths through their instrument to aleatoric rhythmic passages.

It has been a joy to write this for David, I couldn't have asked for a better collaborator.

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I don't yet have a perusal score available for this work.

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Thanks for being interested in my work :)


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I offer both physical scores and digital downloads.

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