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Completion: March 2012, Winston-Salem NC , USA

Instrumentation: 00110  0110  pno 1perc str

Duration: 6 minutes approx.


This was the music I wrote for a friend of mine, Preston Jeter's 2nd year student film, 'Horizon'. It is scored for chamber orchestra and is conducted my friend John McKeever. Horizon was a silent film and was my first experience at writing for film. I wrote the score in a 3 week period and had the entire work read, rehearsed, and recorded all in the same 3 hour session, which was the only session we were going to be able to have. It was an incredible experience. Horizon is scored for clarinet, tenor saxophone, trumpet, trombone, vibraphone, piano, and strings. It was written in 2012.

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I don't yet have a perusal score available for this work.

If you would like to view the full score, please reach out using the Contact Tab below.

Thanks for being interested in my work :)


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I offer both physical scores and digital downloads.

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