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Completion: September 2020, Foxborough, MA, USA

Instrumentation: - - timp 3-perc piano hp str

Duration:13' minutes approx.



'Of yet and yonder' is an orchestral work about possibility and love of life. I wanted to write something positive in a time that is filled with so much darkness.  The work is built on a 4 note motif, introduced in the very first measure in the woodwinds, strings and glockenspiel. This motif becomes the cornerstone of the piece, constantly morphing and leaping into different permutations. I wanted to imitate a joyful nature of life and the possibility that each day brings. Curiously, patterns based on the number 7, kept appearing as I wrote the work. It popped up everywhere, from phrase groups, melodic structures and even the primary harmonic palette. I did not question this as I wrote, though I did some research as to any meanings behind this number. According to Pythagoras, the number 7 has a certain spiritual quality to it, a universal nature. This work ends with a nod to the original ending of Sibelius' 5th Symphony, a work that gives me much inspiration.

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