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Completion: November 2013

Instrumentation: 2222 - 4231 timp 2-perc strings

Duration: 8' minutes approx.

Premier: Premiered by the Boston Conservatory Composer's Orchestra at Boston Conservatory, Boston MA 03/08/2014


'Asylum'  is my first piece for a full symphony orchestra. 
It was quite an intimidating, but exciting opportunity.
The work centers around a character who awakes inside of an asylum that would be straight out of any horror film. The character is stuck inside of this nightmare, which constantly shifts mood as the character tries to escape.

The piece races to its conclusion which sees a dramatic climax in the brass and returns the character back to where they started, with the same sound of the openingL a scraping sound on the tam-tam.

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I don't yet have a perusal score available for this work.

If you would like to view the full score, please reach out using the Contact Tab below.

Thanks for being interested in my work :)


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To purchase this work, please contact me directly.

I offer both physical scores and digital downloads.

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