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Completion: July 2018 Natick MA USA

Instrumentation: Solo actor/vocalist

Duration: Indeterminate

Commissioned by: 
Joshua Scheid for his DMA recital at Peabody



reapermuses2self is the second work in a series of performance art pieces based around the setting that is simply called, the red house. It is the sequel to 
'gh0stspeak1ngs' and even features a recurring character from that piece. These performance pieces are in the horror genre and are open to any actor or singer who wishes to attempt the piece. Rather than tradition music, the work is given as series of commands, with parameters given for improvisation and expression. This was written for my good friend Joshua Scheid who is very talented singer and collaborator.

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I don't yet have a perusal score available for this work.

If you would like to view the full score, please reach out using the Contact Tab below.

Thanks for being interested in my work :)


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I don't have a recording of this work yet.

If you are interested in collaborating to make a recording,
please reach out!


To purchase this work, please contact me directly.

I offer both physical scores and digital downloads.

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