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4 hns, 3 tpt, 2 ttbn, btbn, tba-timp


The Brockton Symphony Orchestra Commemorating their 70th season


December 2017

Natick, MA


6 mins


February 18th 2018, with the Brockton Symphony Orchestra at Christ Congregational Church


I had been privileged to be the principal tubist with BrSO for the past 2 years and it was an honor to write them a brass fanfare to commemorate their 70th season. It is rare for smaller orchestras to have thrived as well as this orchestra has, and it is very exciting to write new music for a group like this one. I wanted to write something that was fast and up-lifting. I have been very recently inspired by the music of Bernard Herrmann, the famous American film composer (Citizen Kane, Psycho,Taxi Driver, Vertigo) and how his musical ideas are presented in various different ways, all similar and yet all unique. 

Ignite quickly weaves its way in and around several different themes, all loosely presented in the beginning. Some ideas appear only as fragments. As the piece progresses the ideas are spun out, each growing and expanding. Each theme merges with each other before the tempo slows into the maestoso finale.