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Sunrise Fanfare.png


Completion: December 2017

Instrumentation: 4332

Duration:6' minutes approx.

Commission: Commissioned by Brian Garland and the Asheville Youth Symphony Orchestra


'Sunrise Fanfare' was written very quickly as a favor to my good friend and trumpeter, Brian Garland. I spent the last few days of 2017 beginning and finishing the work. I'm originally from Asheville (well, just outside of it) and so getting to write a piece for the youth orchestra brass ensemble was a great privilege. It was also my first time getting to write a piece for youth ensemble. I'll admit, it was a little daunting as I had never done that sort of thing before, but it in turn became quite satisfying.  The piece gets its inspiration from the incredible surrounding area of Asheville, the Blue Ridge Parkway. I loved growing up here with the mountains and their raw edges and might. Sonically, many of the views here speak to me in music. The fanfare opens with earthy low trombones and tubas, before getting picked up by the horns and trumpets in a constant driving 8th note pattern. As each theme appears it is developed and connected to others about them. The owkr finished very much how it begins.

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