f i l m                             

After Air (2013)

Horizon (2012)


o r c h e s t r a                                                         

of stars and dust (2019)

gleaming, glowing, spheres and spectres (2015)

Chroma the Great (2014)

Asylum (2013)

c o n c e r t o                                                          

Concerto for Horn and Wind Ensemble (2015)

s i n f o n i e t t a                                                        

anima (2016)

Rift (2015)

b r a s s    e n s e m b l e                                              

Sunrise Fanfare (2017) for youth brass ensemble

Ignite (2017) for brass ensemble and timpani


b r a s s    c h a m b e r

Helvetica (2013 arr. 2017) arranged for brass quintet

scatter/spark (2015) for brass quintet and piano

Brass Quintet (2012/17)

c l a r i n e t    q u a r t e t

Interstellar Jukebox (2017) BBBB

Binary Complex (2016) SSSB

m i x e d    c h a m b e r

winter citrus shrine (2018) for trombone, guitar, and double bass

daydreamer singing strange songs (2018) for violin and marimba

styrofoam ashes/shrine (2017) for six cellos and percussion

Gravel Shrines (2015) for flute, clarinet, harp and percussion

concrete sky/shrine (2015) for bassoon and marimba

Helvetica (2013) for clarinet, viola, and bassoon 

p e r c u s s i o n 

they walked on stones that shattered worlds (2016) for marimba 4 hands

Book of Games and Scenes (2016) for percussion trio

s a x o p h o n e

...swaying, wooden scars... (2017) for AA duet

...dreaming, breathing in brightness... (2015) for SATB quartet

s t r i n g s

daydreamer, scratching at surfaces (2016) for violin duet

String Quartet (2014)


s o l o    i n s t r u m e n t / v o i c e

Talosian Soliloquy (2019) for solo tuba

reapermuses2self (2018) for solo baritone

gh0stspeak1ngs (2016) for solo percussion

alien radio (2016) for solo bass clarinet

...hears it, glowing... (2015) for solo cello


v o c a l    c h a m b e r

the sky was (2016) for soprano and clarinet

       -Poem by E.E. Cummings