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It's a leap of faith

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Dealing with Unknowns is a tricky thing.

Comfort and consistency are the opposites of dealing with the unknown.

Often times it is our own imagination that makes the Unknown a really fearsome thing.

It makes me think of the shark in 'Jaws'.

We feel the shark, but we don't really see it until the end of the movie. John Williams' music generates that menacing presence. We frequently see through the shark's perspective. We see the outline, or just part of the shark. But really, we don't see the thing until the very end.

It's the possibility of what the shark can do that makes it terrifying. It's the knowing that the shark is near and that it will do something, but you don't know what or when that makes the shark scary.

Unknowns are exactly the same.

When we are in situations where the outcome is unclear, where we don't know how the ends will meet, or if the ends even will meet, the fear of the Unknown thrives.

I love having a plan for everything. I love walking into situations as prepared as I can be.

But, that isn't always how life works.

Sometimes, you have to take a leap of Faith.

Sometimes, you have to look at a situation and NOT know the outcome. NOT know that it is going to be okay. NOT know that it is going to work out.

Like Indiana Jones in the Last Crusade, you might just have to stick your leg out, close your eyes and take the leap of faith.

The good news is that, you're probably not going to fall off the cliff.

That if you really put your self behind the goal, that if you throw yourself 110% into the work, you're probably going to be okay.

The fear of failure is more dangerous than the actual failure.

Because we all fail in some way or another.

Because while the Leap of Faith is definitely scary, uncertain and dangerous, NOT taking the Leap of Faith is even worse.


When have you had to take a leap of faith???

Tell me in the comments below :)

Thanks for reading!


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