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'Horizon' III. The Climb - (2012) Film Score

Sharing the work Part 4:

This is the third cue in my score to 'Horizon', the Climb sequence.

This track had to capture the anticipation of the characters as they ascend the mountain to see the sunrise.

This was an interesting piece of music to work on because it was one of the first (and certainly not the last) times that I got the cue wrong.

It took two drafts before I found the right feel for this music.

My earlier attempts were far too heavy, leaning way too much into the perceived anxiety of climbing the mountain.

This was a big learning experience for me. The other tracks felt natural to me. I didn't feel as though I had to work particularly hard to understand what Preston (the director) was looking for. The tone just felt right.

Nothing in the climb sequence felt right. And it was a bit of humbling experience presenting the music the first time and being told, "This is too heavy and too dark, we need something different."

But such is the nature of film music. You aren't always going to get it right.

In fact, a lot of the time you are going to get it wrong. But, that is okay.

Because film music is the ultimate collaboration. It isn't about writing some grand score that fully realizes your music potential.

It's about the story. It's always about the story.

We are lucky to be in the position we are in to support the story. To bring it alive in the most magical way.

And if that is your commitment, then you will always find a way to get there.

Even if it takes a few tries.

That's what this little cue meant to me. Getting it wrong, so I could get it right.

Towards the end of the track, there comes a sense of peace. They've reached it, they've made it. Now all they have to do is wait for the sun.

Horizon is scored for clarinet, tenor saxophone, trumpet, trombone, vibraphone, piano, and strings. It was written in 2012.


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