The 2021 Etude Project:

Reimagining tuba music

The Mission:

I'm spending 2021 writing a tuba etude book. These are interval studies and they are aimed at being challenging and being an opportunity for an advanced player to level up. 

Because of the pandemic, the entire music industry has been changed. All of the orchestra and brass quintet gigs that we had fell by the wayside. All we now have is time to play, but to play alone.


So what does this have to do with etudes? I was inspired to do this project by playing Super Mario. Specifically, the Lost Levels Super Mario Game. I loved th idea of there being a whole set of challenging levels beyond what is normally played. And since I was spending time playing the same old etudes again, I wondered if there could be something similar for tuba music.

I want to put out repertoire out there that challenges our traditional sense of character and groove. They are tough, but I hope you have fun :)

Etude Level 1

There's a lot of mixed meter, minor seconds and accelerating tempi. 

Etude Level 1

Free Scale Resource

Here is a link to a scale document. It has all major scales written out in 2 octaves. It's free.

I'll be posting more resources like this throughout the year.


2 Octave Scales

Brass Quintet No. 3

I'm giving my 3rd Brass Quintet away for free. I wrote it at  the beginning of 2020 before the pandemic.

Here's to a time when we can safely play in quintets again.

Score & Parts