Concerto for horn and wind ensemble              




Fl-1(pic), Ob-2(2-eh)

Cl-3(3-bcl), Bn-2(2-cbn) Sx-2 (a/b,t) /


Hn-3, Tp-3, Tbn-2, Btbn, Tba / timp, 3-perc pno hp


20 mins


April 2015

Boston, MA


April 22nd, 2015

Ipswich 106 at the Boston Conservatory.

Nick Auer, soloist

David Vess, conductor.


The concerto for horn was a long collaboration with my friend Nick Auer, starting in the fall of 2014. The piece was built around a large scale arch form that would be divided in variations on a theme. The first variation would vary the 8th, the 2nd the 7th, and so on. I wrote most of the early half of the piece in the fall of 2014. After taking sometime off to write Rift, I found an interesting challenge when I resumed working on the piece a few months later. The things that had been so interesting and inspirational to me months ago had changed for me, and I had a desire to drive the concerto in a different direction. However, time was not on my side, and Nick had already learned the first half of the piece. It is for these reasons that the middle of the piece, where the arch begins to bend, marks a very noticeable shift in tone. While the first few variations are written with a strong sense of optimism, the latter 4 are much darker. This conflicted nature is perhaps detrimental to the piece, and though it is not one of my most successful pieces, it is a piece that taught me a lot. 

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